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Scatola Del Tempo Watch Winder

Technical Specifications


Scatola del Tempo: Art in Movement

You wouldn’t keep a grand complication in its initial box, just like you wouldn’t store a Picasso in a garage. It’s precisely for this reason that Sandro Colarieti started making his own watch boxes when he couldn’t find any entry-level boxes for his collection in 1989 in Italy. Back then, haute horlogerie wasn’t at the height of its success, but a few passionate collectors remained ardent fans. Sandro Colarieti was one of them. Passionate about beautiful cars, boats and craftsmanship in general, he could hardly resign himself to the idea that a watch, unworn, would practically be abandoned.  

Scatola del Tempo was created to fill that void. Like with most storied maisons specialised in craftsmanship, this brand has deep family history and remains 100% independent. Founded by Sandro Colarieti, he is quickly joined by his daughter, Cristiana Colarieti. But the entrepreneur doesn’t like nepotism and his daughter has to prove herself: she joins the company as Sales Director, a role she kept for 13 years before succeeding her father.


The Patek Philippe Blessing

Like her father, Cristina Colarieti pursues the original philosophy set back in 1989: working with noble materials, a manual craftsmanship, tailored production and personalised products. Sandro Colarieti had initially created his boxes and watch winders for himself. Any surplus of products was given to his friends. Nevertheless, their success meant a delicate shift in volume while still guaranteeing the same level of quality as when production was less.

Sandro Colarieti personally chooses every leather, wood, and silk involved in the process. Scatola del Tempo becomes more established not only amongst collectors but also amongst watch brands, and not just any brand: it’s the prestigious Patek Philippe who becomes one of the first, in 1992, to order Scatola del Tempo presentation cases to house its precious timepieces. It’s this way that the small family enterprise reached some of the biggest collectors in the world in record time. The manufacture was quickly joined by other brands: Breguet, Breitling, Bvlgari, Cartier, Lange & Söhne, Vacheron Constantin, and Zenith to just name a few.

Inventor of the Watch Winder

Beyond watch boxes, Scatola del Tempo specialised itself in making the accessory the brand invented: the watch winder. Before this creation, mechanical watches were often left inactive for long stretches of time when unworn—with fastidious winding necessary for complications such as a perpetual calendar.

Scatola del Tempo changed this. The maison invented a concept for a watch box that, along with protecting the watch, would wind it. The mechanics are Swiss, but the concept and savoir-faire remain Italian. Between the Como region, la Chaux-de-Fonds and Saint-Imier, Scatola del Tempo has rallied all those who want the best, most harmonious and beautiful craftsmanship to protect their timepieces.

Today, the brand has a large offering: watch rolls, watch winders, jewellery boxes, travel cases and safes. The materials for their accessories range from grained calf leather, carbon, velvet calf leather, cashmere or even precious wood. The manufacture now headed by Cristina Colarieti has also been offering for the past few years objects that can be personalised.

  • Italian design
  • Material : ABS plastic and leather
  • Dimensions : 11.5 × 10 × 10 cm (without window)


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