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LITTLE SKULL mechanical music box

Technical Specifications


Reuge 150 Years of Swiss Craft

It is with some pride that Reuge, the legendary manufacturer of mechanical music boxes, singing birds and automated pocket watches, celebrated its 150th anniversary in 2015.

Over the years, Reuge has proven its excellence in the design of these exceptional pieces and, to satisfy an ever more demanding clientele—one that is always in search of innovation—the company has consciously maintained a three-pronged approach: traditional, modern, personalized. And a commitment to innovate that is stronger than ever. The world of wonders and emotions, in which Reuge exists and in which their dedicated artisans create, is unfettered by inhibition and makes them open to creative opportunities and prestigious collaborations.

After speaking to Reuge about their work, this is what they had to say about their world:

The music box enjoys a history stretching back to 1796 and its magic continues to captivate people across the globe. Our encounters allow our design department to reach new achievements and new challenges every day. Reuge craftsmen have created memorable pieces, for a diverse clientele around the world, that symbolize each of their very special universes.

We welcome you to the precious and refined world of mechanical music. Just for you, a team of experts work with all the care and professionalism that is necessary for the creation of a special music box. Pins setter, tuners, marquetry artists and many other specialists unite each day in Sainte-Croix, Switzerland, home of mechanical musical movements, to create incomparable works for your long-lasting enjoyment.

  • Black frame
  • Red skull,
  • Black decor
  • White LED

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