WorldTempus Team Test X Armin Strom

Editor: JC Teigner
Date: 14.03.22

Jean-Christophe Teigner

Green is the new black! As blue and red were for a while, green in now totally on-trend. But this green is something quite different. Called Jungle Green, this particular shade of green is bolder, more electric, more modern even. This bright color knows how to highlight the unique architecture of this watch. Clean, precise, and strong, the design of this watch follows the codes of the Armin Strom brand. The sculptural and modernity design of the movement resonates with a rather classic dial, and is brought to life by the intensity of this jungle green. Two professions speak to each other here: design and engineering. Two worlds comes together: the jungle and the city. This watch will be able to camouflage itself in your urban jungle and reveal itself in due course. Because connoisseurs will always be able to recognize it from across a room. So may the “Force” be with you and on your wrist with the Armin Strom Gravity Equal Force Green Jungle timepiece.

Jordy Bellido

Hypnotizing! That’s the word that comes to my mind when talking about the Gravity Equal Force Green Jungle. First of all, green is my favorite color, so Armin Strom is already off to a good start with this new 41mm model, limited to 15 pieces. Secondly, this new jungle green color is very vivid, punchy even. The eye is attracted to it like a bee to honey. The hypnotic effect of the off-centered dial is accentuated by a Grain d’Orge guilloché pattern that is the work of the famous watchmaker and dial-maker Kari Voutilainen, who has created a dance of reflections as the wrist moves in the light. The green dial is even more striking thanks to the way it contrasts with the matte black plate beneath. It is a sweet mix of sobriety and audacity, eccentricity even, and without a doubt, it is this wild dial that is the star of the Gravity Force Jungle Green. 

WorldTempus Team Test X Armin Strom

Gravity Equal Force Jungle Green © WorldTempus/Jordy Bellido

Marie de Pimodan

Traditional watchmaking art and contemporary design would seem to be contradicting worlds. While many brands insist that their creations are at the crossroads of “tradition and modernity”, eliciting a few mocking laughs from some of my colleagues, Armin Strom prefers actions to words. With its black plate, its technical architecture supported by three horizontal bridges, and its off-center electric green dial, the Gravity Equal Force Jungle Green has an undeniably ultra-modern look. But let’s not be mistaken, a closer look at the dial invites us to take a leap in time. The dial is finely hand-engraved with a horizontal barley grain pattern made in the workshops of Finish watchmaker Kari Voutilainen, one of the industry’s leaders in the field of traditional guilloché work. The result is a highly attractive aesthetic for this model, which has built its reputation on the extreme precision of its constant-force automatic mechanism. What more could you ask for?

WorldTempus Team Test X Armin Strom

Gravity Equal Force Jungle Green © GMT Magazine/Marie de Pimodan

Suzanne Wong

For some years now, I’ve been a fan of the work coming out of the Swiss-German brand Armin Strom, especially their deeply fascinating research and implementation of in-phase oscillators which resulted in the Armin Strom Resonance and its various iterations (Pure, Mirrored Force, Minute Repeater, Dual Time etc). Their more minimalistic but no less exceptional Gravity Equal Force may not have the eye-catching draw of the Resonance, but its commitment to precision timekeeping and making it available in a price-accessible timepiece is all the more laudable in my view. The jewel-bright green hue of the dial is emphasised by the guillochage and its light-reflecting angles. It’s called Jungle Green, and as someone who spent her childhood within sight of a rainforest national park, I can confirm that the verdant shade on the Armin Strom Gravity Equal Force Jungle Green Limited Edition is the exact colour of a forest canopy, sunlight glinting off its rain-drenched surfaces.

Brice Lechevalier

Beyond its aesthetic and technical qualities, a watch must, in my opinion, bring emotion to the wearer. The Armin Strom Gravity Force is distinguished by its very aerial architecture, its manufacture caliber, and a radiant playfulness that is reflected in its guilloché dial in this intense and luminous shade of green. The three original bridges are equally eye-catching as they stretch over the micro-rotor and the engraved barrel that can be seen turning when winding the watch via the crown. The fact that there are only 15 pieces in this chromatic variation certainly enhances the pleasure of owning one. I can’t wait to see which color the brand will come out with next. Canary yellow, perhaps?

WorldTempus Team Test X Armin Strom

Gravity Equal Force Jungle Green © GMT Magazine/Brice Lechevalier

Sophie Furley

There are so many things that I love about this Armin Strom Gravity Equal Force Jungle Green timepiece, most of which have been mentioned by my colleagues above. But what I really appreciate about this timepiece is its difference. To stand out in today’s world is quite a challenge due to the globalization of retail. People are wearing the same watches in New York as they are in Sydney, Cairo and Geneva. But why follow the crowd, when you can own a truly original timepiece, crafted to the highest standards of watchmaking tradition, with a unique design, and know that only 14 other people in the whole wide world have the same watch as you? For me, that is something very special.  

Test en équipe WorldTempus X Armin Strom

Gravity Equal Force Jungle Green © WorldTempus/Sophie Furley