IWC Manufacture visit

Editor: Jean-Christophe Teigner
Date: 11.05.22

Manufacture IWC - " Schweizer qualität ! "

You'd have to be highly motivated to visit the IWC Manufacture in Schaffhausen. The journey lasts around 4h30, but it is no doubt worth it. The International Watch Company - IWC - founded by Florentine Aristio Jones in 1886, is based in a little town from the Middle Age and located on the Rhine near a dam that was once a hydromechanical dam supply. 

Today, everything remains of the first IWC factory: from the building and architecture to the historic watches in the integrated Museum. Accompanied by our guide, Mrs Homberger, who is none other than the great-granddaughter of the CEO of the 1930s, we spent another memorable day at the IWC factory. Moving from the Museum to the new factory, where the quantity of CNC machines is equalled only by the architectural quality pushed to the extreme, we visited the watchmaking workshops where each movement is assembled with the utmost care, and each watch is rigorously tested. "Schweizer qualität" is compulsory. Luxury is at this price.

Do not hesitate any longer! Make a diversion to Schaffhausen and discover the splendid IWC manufacture. To paraphrase a politician's famous phrase: It's far away but it's beautiful.

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