Franck Muller - The Manufacture

Editor: Jean-Christophe Teigner
Date: 08.08.22

Have you ever been to the Manufacture Franck Müller located in Genthod? Nothing could be easier than to take the exit from Geneva in the direction of Lausanne... and stop at one of the most beautiful estates and viewpoints in Canton. The Watchland, where comes from the inspiration that promotes Maison's creations, has become one of the region's must-sees. With a landscape adorned by the Mont-Blanc and the Leman Lake in the background, this place enables the Maison to concentrate on the same property, all the various stages of making the watch. 

Under the direction of Mr Vartan Sirmakes (Co-founder and CEO), the Franck Müller Manufacture has undergone product and commercial development as well as vertical integration of the trades that is simply incredible and worthy of the founder of the eponymous brand.

In-house tourbillons, in-house balance springs, in-house boxes, in-house skeletons, in-house hands, in-house dials, in-house chocolates... for simply incredible in-house timepieces. Moreover, Frank Müller is one of the few brands that manufacture 100 per cent of its cases and dials.

As you can see, everything is homemade, so much so that you feel like part of the family. The company has been able to pass on its exceptional Haute Horlogerie know-how over the years through the artisans' expertise. Some have been working for the Group for over 20 years - guaranteeing quality and durability. 

If you are interested in participating in one of our subsequent visits, please get in touch with Mr J-C. Teigner by phone or e-mail.

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