The Alpha and Omega

Editor: Jean-Christophe Teigner
Date: 09.08.22


Hosted by its CEO, Mr Aeschlimann, OMEGA opened the doors of its factory and museum nestled in the heart of the Cité du Temps with its new dragon-shaped building. Beyond its rich history, OMEGA has continually reinvented itself through the Swatch Group. It aims to offer models and innovations that are in tune with the times while meeting increasingly complex requirements - particularly chronometry. For instance, we could mention the Co-axial Movement and the Silicon Spiral of all the innovations over the years.

This discovery or rediscovery for some of us was, in many ways, incredibly inspiring. We can never know enough about these classics. Between the Official Timekeeper of the Olympic Games (1932), the Seamaster (1948) and the Speedmaster (1957). Also known as the Moon-Watch, come and retrace its history since its first appearance on the lunar surface alongside Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin. Do not forget to learn more about the James Bond universe, closely linked to OMEGA since 1995. 

A visit to this unusual place through the Fine Watch Club will allow you to learn more about The Swatch Group, which alone includes 17 other watch brands, but mainly about the luxurious character of OMEGA. 

If you are interested in participating in one of our subsequent visits, please get in touch with Mr J-C. Teigner by phone or e-mail.

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