A resonant Visit at Armin Ström

Editor: Jean-Christophe Teigner
Date: 13.09.22

On Thursday, September 9th 2022, the Fine Watch Club and its members had the honour of going behind the scenes of the Armin Ström Manufacture in Bienne, accompanied by its co-founder, Mr Serge Michel.

Between the Mirrored Forced Resonance, the System 78 and the Masterpiece Dual Time Resonance, each of these collections embodies an innovative and contemporary air with an unequalled design. To this day, the Armin Ström manufactory produces watches in-house and with the utmost respect for the Swiss-German watchmaking tradition. Thanks to its dedicated engineers and craftsmen, Armin Ström has been genuinely carrying on the tradition with "transparent mechanics" since 1967 - a legend in the art of hand skeletonization.

Today, there are four models of Armin Ström Resonance watches, or in other words, watches with driven harmonic oscillators : 
The first model, Morrored Force Resonance, was released in 2016 followed by Pure Resonance in 2018. The same year saw the birth of the House's first masterpiece - the Dual Time. A masterpiece that combines the convenience of two fully independent time zones with the enhanced precision of two resonant movements. The Dual Time is the first timepiece in the Swiss Manufacture's new Masterpiece collection.

Subsequently, in 2019, the world's first resonance wristwatch - the Masterpiece Minute Repeater Resonance - was launched. This model that emphasizes the resonance phenomenon and the time sound will be introduced to the general public during the Salon International de la Haute Horlogerie (SIHH). Under a virtually invisible sapphire crystal dial, the two balances oscillate in a state of elastic resonance thanks to a spring while the two hammers strike the time.

"At Armin Ström, we are driven by the fascination for transparent mechanics."